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Try as you might to pack lightly, you always seem to arrive at festivals with more gear than you’re capable of hauling to your camping pitch in just the one trip. Deer Shed is easy on the feet for the most part, but even their small site can seem like a bit of a trek, especially with the kids and a whole family’s worth of luggage in tow.

Luckily, GOGO Trolley are conveniently set up in the Deer Shed Festival car parks to prevent any potential tantrums. Let’s face it: the kids can only carry so much on their backs! Grab a trolley, load it up, and you’re ready to gogo. The trollies are high capacity, 1.2m long by 60cm wide, loads of room for kids or luggage!

If you have any questions regarding trolley hire at Deer Shed please contact them on info@deershedfestival.com.

Daytime Trolley Hire

Daytime Trolley Hire

Upon your arrival in the car park find the GoGo Trolley stand. You will need to pay a £50 deposit by card only. At this point, the time of hire will be recorded and you will receive a confirmation SMS of the hire start time and deposit amount. The hire cost will be £6 for the first 30 minutes and then £1 for every 5 minutes after that. When you are finished with your trolley, simply return the trolley to the point of hire and the GoGo Trolley team will deduct the cost of hire from your deposit and refund your card.

You do not need to book a daytime trolley in advance.

Slumber Truck Hire

Slumber Truck Hire

With so much for the little ones to do at Deer Shed throughout the day, tired legs in the evening can sometimes be inevitable. Instead of getting the whole family tucked up in the tent before the headliners even set foot on stage, GoGo Trolley also offer overnight hire options, complete with cushions and a canopy, from 8pm on Friday. The kids can be safe and secure in their warm and comfy moving bed, while the grown-ups rock out to the evening’s main event.

Book your luxury Slumber Truck for the weekend below! Hire fee is £100 (you will also have to pay a £100 deposit by card when you collect your trolley, the card will be refunded upon the trolley's safe return.)

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